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I'm a passionate & entrepreneurial multi skilled innovator, with fifteen years experience in the creative field. My unwavering enthusiasm for fresh & original creative solutions combined with a concise & rational approach has led to an exciting portfolio of high concept & award-winning projects. A hands-on attitude to the entire creative process means that each project is finely crafted with laser sharp focus from inception to final delivery. I'm a confident communicator with the ability to convey ideas clearly to clients & team. I pride myself on impeccable time and financial management skills. Projects, productions and events are delivered on time, on budget, and are of the highest of standards.


Creative Direction
Art Direction

Concept Curation

Logo Design
Website Design

Graphic Design

Visual Merchandising

Social Media Strategy


Decor, Costume & Set Design

Event Production

Hair, Makeup & Face/Body Art

Composing & Songwriting

Real Estate Management

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