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As part of Wahaca's 3 day event in the underground labyrinth and immersive theatre venue, The Vaults, I was asked to create an immersive theatre experience that respected and revered the Día de los Muertos tradition in a multitude of ways. Extensive research and advice from Latino, Central and South American people were integral to the directing and writing of the script and show. 

The audience were led through a magical trail deep into the Mayan jungle. A guided meditation, sound healing and immersive theatrical experience had audience members in tears. Every show was fully booked. It was a total success and led onto more shows of its kind.


Creative Director: Laura Steel

Soundscape: Laura Steel
Photographer: Jason Purple
Actors: Laura Steel, Dane Lucid, Gabriella, Bambi

Costume, Styling & Makeup: Laura Steel

With special thanks to Simon Drake & The House of Magic

Day of the Dead

Immersive Experience

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